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What it's Like to Run an All-Female Law Firm

I never had the intention of this law firm being an all female team.

Whenever people hear me say all-female they reply- “Oh my gosh, how do you handle all that hormone, and emotion?” Funny- it’s the exact opposite. We have a real bond, a real sisterhood.

Working at Angle Law means you get invited into the group texts with the funny memes and 24/7 support from each other. We are best friends, we work together. It’s just the way that it is.

When you join the team, very quickly you get a sense that everyone is here to support you.

Bonnie is like my work-mom. She is so validating and uplifting and believes in me so much. Bonnie always gives her all into everything she does - frequently the first one in, the last to leave and always wanting to go above and beyond for others.

Alexandra is so funny. We knew each other just from practicing law, and we get along so well. She’s thoughtful and the way she approaches life is so funny and light. She just had a baby - Congratulations welcome to motherhood! -We miss her happy light vibes at the office and can’t wait to have her back.

Christina is the go-to person for anything you need whether it be a complex legal question or where is the rest of the toilet paper. You think she just knows everything but her biggest strength is understanding that everything is figureoutable.

I like to think of Shelby as me when I was first starting out as a lawyer. She is eager and enthusiastic and willing to learn and help. When you ask Shelby to do something watch out because she will get it done and it will be better than you ever imagined. She would be a great team coach in fact, I think she was the captain of her team.

Candace came to me as being my runner and receptionist and now she is the head of admin and accounting and my junior real estate clerk. Talk about making yourself completely invaluable. Like Christina, it's crazy how resourceful she can be and how passionate she is when it comes to attention to detail. Her investigative nature is great! And then there is myself, Lauren- I think the others look up to me like I am their boss- but woah, I'm not their “boss”. I simply see myself as one of them, just another valuable and crucial part of this functioning system. We all work together, we bring different skills and experiences to the table. Sure my name is on the wall, and they call me their “fearless leader” but for me, I think of myself as the visionary. All I want to do is support them to do the best that they can. A role model. Show them how it's done. Some days, it can feel like a lot of pressure running the firm as a business because I am not a business person at heart, but I know my team loves me and that they have my back. Thank you for reading a bit today about our female law firm. I’ve been having a lot of conversation about this lately and just thought I would share here to let you all know our thoughts. Want to know more about our origin story? I think this month I’ll be ready to tell the long story about how I decided to start Angle Law and what that looked like. Get on our email list HERE to be the first to know when I publish it!

Lauren M. Angle, B.A. (Hons) J.D. Founder of Angle Law #femalelawfirm #womeninbusiness #womeninlaw

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