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How to Take Maternity Leave as a lawyer

You may be a female lawyer, ready to start a family, but what happens to your practice when you are on maternity leave?

It gets talked about quietly in whispers because talking about starting a family in many law firms can feel like the kiss of death. Will you keep getting files if others in your office know you are planning on having a baby? What about your quest for partnership? Will that be jeopardized?

How many people are wondering this, but can't find answers?

What happens to your practice?

Before you take time off: it is important that you have a good network of people around you that you trust. If you do not have this network, I recommend hiring the right assistants and start asking for help, etc. Now if you have the right people around you, keep reading...

Option A) Put your whole practice on pause (let's be real, this is not really realistic). Why might this not be the best idea? Well, pausing your legal cases is not fair to clients and other counsel. Legal matters will continue to have issues that need to be resolved even when you are away.

Option B) If you're at a firm, have other lawyers that you trust pick up your cases. This is likely a better option than pausing as a whole. You need to trust your fellow lawyers to work your case well, and then to give your clients back when you return. If you are with the right firm, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you are not at the right firm, this option can be nerve-wracking if you are worried that your files will not come back to you – either way. Don’t worry, there will always be people that need your help.

Option C) If you are not at a firm, find a good mentor who can assist you while you are gone.

Your baby is only going to be a baby once, and people are always going to need lawyers. Focus on creating an abundance mindset, and you will find that taking time off to be with your family is not as impossible as it may seem at first. Was this helpful? Let usknow by sending us a DM over on Instagram! @laurenanglelaw We'd love to hear from you!

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