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Angle Law: How This Firm Got Started

Wondering how Angle Law originated? Let me tell you a short story. I was working at a law firm and I had just adopted my son.

I didn’t take any time off, but I had asked for some flexibility in my schedule. They countered with “you aren’t billing enough” which is lawyer code for your not working hard/long enough. I got the look “How on earth could you take time off!?”

I was upset because I knew I was working enough, and billing enough considering my current situation. It felt like I was trying to do everything 100% like work and become a parent for the first time but I kept feeling like I was coming up short- especially when I got the look from my boss.

I said to my husband at the time, “If my boss comes in and talks to me one more time about “working more and billing more” I’m going to be done. I think he thought I was half serious- and I felt the same. What would I actually do if I quit the law firm?

Not long after, I was sitting in my office and the managing partner came in and said “again, you're not billing enough” and I said “I just want you to know that I am going to open my own practice. This is my notice.”

I had not had a previous thought about this. Maybe it was a rage quit. It felt like this was the first time ever in my entire working career that I was sticking up for myself.

(I know, so Jerry McGuire Right!)

The words literally just floated out of my mouth and I was hearing them for the first time just as my old boss was.

I went home and told my husband at the time and he didn’t believe me.

I sat down at the computer and wrote down Angle Law at the top of the page.

The next day I went to the law firm and my clerk came into my office and I told her I was quitting and starting my own practice.

She said enough words to validate this whole entire decision. She said “if you are leaving, I’m coming with you.” (Just like Rene Zellweger) I won't bore you with the business and legal details of what happened next, but let’s just say, less than 6 months later we opened the doors to our new office and not just one, but 3 women came with me plus we hired an additional 4 and counting. We are busy with clients and our firm is healthy and growing.

Most importantly, I have balance. I do have a busy work life, but I get to set my own hours and be there for my son whenever he needs me. I no longer have a constant feeling of not doing enough or not being able to give my all.

Thanks for reading my story. If you want to connect with me, CLICK HERE.

Lauren M. Angle B.A. (Hons.) J.D.

Founder of Angle Law Firm

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